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Tallinn. Introduction to the city

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is located in Northern Europe in the north-eastern part of the Baltic Sea region. Area of Tallinn - 159,2 km² (Estonia 45 227 km²).

The climate in Tallinn is characterized by a fairly cold winter, a cool spring with little precipitation, a moderately warm summer and a long and rainy autumn. However, some summers have weeks at a stretch of temperatures around +30°C, and a warm, sunny summer can keep autumn at bay until mid-October.

Average temperature in July +16,7°C
Average temperature in February -4°C

The population of Tallinn is 405 562 (01.09.2009).
Nationalities: Estonian 52.3%, Russian 38.5%, Ukrainian 3.9%, other 5,3%.

Estonian’s official language is Estonian. Russian, Finnish, English and German are also understood and widely spoken.

The largest denomination is Lutheran (30%) followed by Russian Orthodox (28%), and Catholic (3%). However, only about 20% of Estonians practice any religion.

Catholic, Lutheran, Russian Orthodox – and more recently Jewish – houses of worship have played a central role in Tallinn’s cultural life ever since German crusaders Christianised the country in the early 13th century. The Medieval-built churches in particular were magnificent projects that drew the city’s best artistic talent. Nowadays many of the city’s churches are true architectural treasures, with interiors that shouldn’t be missed.

Tallinn is chock full of museums ranging from the standard, high-quality history and art variety to curious museums specialising in old-fashioned dolls, antique cameras, musical instruments and even sea mines. If you’re a true museum buff, you should consider buying a Tallinn Card, which will give you free entrance to most of the city’s museums. Note that many museums in Estonia are closed on Mondays and/or Tuesdays.

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